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Titus Iredale is a character in Mirror Mirror Series 1 who is portrayed by Jason Gascoigne.


Titus is Louisa's younger brother, he enjoys playing cricket and is a big fan of several of its professional players. When he first encounters Jo, he believes she is a ghost.

Titus discovers he is able to travel through the mirror when he follows Jo through, wanting someone to play a game of cricket with him.

When Nicholas asks for help, Titus is the first who wants to charge in and save him.

Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne makes nice with Titus to gain his trust by showing him how to bowl a googly, so Titus will tell him everything he knows about Jo. Titus tells him Jo is a genie who comes from the mirror. Sir Ivor and Titus swap the mirror for a cricket bat used by W.G. Grace himself on the famous cricket ground Lords.

Titus discovers Bellamy Frid took the real canister of poison and placed it in Sir Ivor's cellar. He tells Louisa after she threatens to chop his cricket bat in half.


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