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The Mirror appears in every episode of Mirror Mirror.  


The Mirror is an oval-shaped antique the can transport people to the same place but another year. The mirror must be in the same place in both years for it to work. When the alignment is correct the glass of the mirror ripples as if it is turning to water.

Mirror Mirror Series 1

  • Consists of travelling between 1995 and 1919
  • The glass of the mirror turns to a liquid when someone who believes in its magic puts their hand on it. One only needs to push and they will go through the mirror to another time.
  • One is unable to travel through the mirror if they are already in the other year or if they have an object that already exists - they will receive a shock that feels like pins and needles.
  • While anyone who truly believe can go through only Jo and Louisa are able to see each other's time when in their own.

Mirror Mirror Series 2

  • Consists of travelling between 1997 and 1867
  • When one goes through the mirror they themselves become part of the mirror while travelling through.
  • When asked for help the mirror shows Mandy, Daniel and Fergus where to place it so they can make an alignment.
  • When the mirror is broken it mends itself