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Tama Williams is a character in Mirror Mirror Series 1 who is portrayed by James Ashcroft.


Tama is a talented hacker and chemist. He doesn't believe Jo until he witnesses her go through the mirror. Tama is a scientist, therefore even after he sees Jo travel through time he still doesn't understand it, and he is scared so he still can't do it himself.

Tuma finds a way to hack into the national poison centre files to find out more about the toxic waste from the drum. He discovers that a shipment of crates containing poisonous industrial waste stored in sealed drums were sent by unknown agents from a location in Eastern Europe that were consigned to Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne and that he received the shipment via the SS Neptune on March 20, 1919, and were stored in Cargo Shed 26 leased in the name of Sir Gerald Salisbury at the Wellington Wharves.


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