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Sir Gerald Salisbury is a character in Mirror Mirror Series 1 who is portrayed by Grant Tilly.


Sir Gerald Salisbury and Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne conspire together secretly. A shipment of crates containing poisonous industrial waste is stored in sealed drums were sent by unknown agents from a location in Eastern Europe that were consigned to Sir Ivor. He received the shipment via the SS Neptune on March 20, 1919, and they were stored in Cargo Shed 26 leased in the name of the Honorable Sir Gerald Salisbury at the Wellington Wharves.

When Sir Gerald mentions 'nonsense rumours' about toxic drums to Joshua Iredale, after already hearing from Jo Tiegan and Louisa about toxic waste, Joshua begins his own investigation.

Sir Gerald convinces Joshua there is no poison drum by showing him a drum of palm oil.


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