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Nicholas Romanov is a character in Mirror Mirror Series 1 who is portrayed by Nicholas Hooper.


Born on the 12th of August in 1904 at Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg Governorate, Russian Empire, as Alexei Nikolaevich Romanov the Tsesarevich of Russia.

Nicholas lives in the year 1919, next door to the Iredales. He is the last living member of the Russian royal family and is kept as a political prisoner by Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne. He got his false name "Nicholaus" from his father, Nicholaus II. Nicholas suffers from haemophilia, a condition for which didn't have a cure in 1919. He can speak seven languages, including Russian and English.


Episode 1

Nicholas is shown from behind running away, his ring is shown, then he is rescued by a man on a horse in the opening (dream) sequence.

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