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Mirror, Mirror Series 2 (aka Mirror Mirror II) is a television programme co-produced by Australia and New Zealand. The second of 2 series is presented as individual adventures in each new episode, but an underlining story linking them all.  


In this series, the mirror has come into the hands of two other families the McFarlane's (in 1997) and the de Lutrelle's (in 1867). They both live in the same house in Greyton, but are separated from each other by 130 years.


Daniel McFarlane makes a trip to New Zealand with his mother to meet his father, Doug McFarlane for the first time. Doug has remarried and has a second family none of whom are as interested in meeting Daniel as he is them. Nevertheless, Daniel becomes very much entangled with his new family because of an old mirror, found in the attic of their house. The mirror has mysterious qualities which enable the children to travel back in time to the goldfields of the 1860s. There they make friends with Constance de Luttrelle, who lives with her family in the same house they do, just in a different time. Daniel, Fegus and Mandy become involved in the life and times of their new friend, as she does in theirs; and they must all overcome their personal problems and conflicts in order to keep the mirror in the right hands.



  1. Arrival
  2. Gold
  3. Trapped
  4. Crown
  5. Ghost
  6. Chamber Pots
  7. Iceman
  8. The Widow Graveney
  9. The Guests from Hell
  10. The Artist
  11. Spike
  12. Seals
  13. Foreigners
  14. Disco
  15. Greenstone
  16. Mandy's Dog
  17. Elephant Boy
  18. Meltdown
  19. Herons
  20. The Shipwreck
  21. Bank Robbers
  22. Tetanus
  23. The Toddler
  24. The River
  25. Hall of Mirrors
  26. Daniel


The boom mic can be seen several times during various episodes of the series.


  • John Banas
  • Sophia Scheding
  • Posie Graeme-Evans
  • Andrew Blaxland
  • Dave Gibson
  • Dorothee Pinfold
  • Kristen Dunphy
  • Greg Millin


  • Millennium Pictures
  • New Zealand on Air
  • Network Ten
  • The Gibson Group