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 Joshua Iredale is a character in Mirror Mirror Series 1 who is portrayed by Gerald Bryan.


Joshua born in 1876, does everything he can to keep his family safe. Louisa informs her father about the toxic waste drum that ends up in Sir Ivor Creevy-Thorne's well. At first he doesn't believe her, but Sir Gerald Salisbury also mentions toxic drums so Joshua begins investigating.

Joshua's investigation leads him to the Wellington Wharves to check into an unregistered shipment Sir Ivor received via the SS Neptune on March 20, 1919. Stored in Cargo Shed 26 a shipment of crates containing poisonous industrial waste stored in sealed drums. Joshua is rendered unconscious locked in the shed and subsequently becomes gravely ill.

After Louisa learns that he will die in 1928 in a train accident it's implied that she and her mother will do whatever they can to prevent this, even try to convince him to take a plane due to the fact that Joshua has a fear of flying.


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