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Episode 4 of Mirror Mirror Series 1


Sir Ivor agrees to let Nicholas play a game of cricket with Titus and the girls as long as Frid goes with them. Salisbury visits Joshua, Lousia's father, to put an end to rumours that had been going around about toxic waste.

Jade brings a "present" for Jo and insists on leaving it in Jo's room. Instead she decides to take off with the mirror. On the way, however, the old man from the shop stops her and tells her to return the mirror immediately. Tama and Royce by this time are wondering what Jade actually knows.

Titus, Jo and Louisa are playing cricket in their backyard, only for Jo to hit the ball and send it flying through Louisa's window. Luckily the ball misses the glass, but knocks the mirror back into alignment so Jo can go home. Sir Ivor also reminds Nicholas of his "condition" that he must remember.