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Drum or sometimes referred to as canister of toxic waste is featured in Mirror Mirror Series 1


When Jo Tiegan first travels through the mirror to 1919, a drum of toxic waste ends up in the school archaeology well from the same year. The following day Jo's friends Mia and Jesse get splashed by the toxic waste and they end up in hospital in critical condition. Jo goes through the mirror to try to find out whether the drum of poison has already been put down the well. Jo and Louisa Iredale sneak into Sir Ivor's yard to try to find the drum, to be watched by Nicholas Romanov the whole time.

Joshua Iredale questions Louisa and Jo as to everything they know about the toxic drums. Tama finds a site which has formula's to neutralise the toxic waste. Tama also finds a report from 1919 about toxic substance which mentions Sir Ivor. Louisa, Jo and Nicholas 'borrow' a hansom cab and follow Joshua, down to the wharf where he is further investigating the toxic substance. Just after Joshua finds the waste, he is attacked by Sir Ivor's men, and is effected by breathing in the toxic substance. Jo and the others find Joshua and return him home. Before leaving the warehouse, Jo picks up the drum that is still there. Jo is about to prove to Primrose Iredale about the toxic drum, but when she goes outside to get it, the hansom cab and the drum are gone. Jo continues to look for the missing drum. Bellamy Frid informs Sir Ivor that he is in possession of the drum.

Nicholas has to watch in horror as his ring is dropped into the toxic waste drum by Sir Ivor. Sir Ivor is also busy arranging, to get the drum out by train. The drum goes overboard. Joshua recovers and sends a team of soldiers to look for the missing drum, which turns out to actually be a drum of cooking oil. Titus Iredale is busy following Frid to find where the real drum is kept.

Louisa, Jo and Nicholas swap the drum of cooking oil for the toxic waste. Campbell chases them and threatens to open the drum with the poison. After Nicholas hides the drum down the well, he and Jo argue because he did exactly what she was trying to prevent in the first place. Tama arrives in 1919 with two neutralising agents, one of which Nicholas must chose, as they only get one shot at it. Jade Coigley goes through the mirror to tell Nicholas to chose the other one. He decides on the agent and pours it into the drum. The drum heats up which means he picked the correct neutralising agent. In 1995 no one remembers the drum and the events that took place in the well never happened.