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Daniel is episode 26 of Mirror Mirror Series 2 and episode 46 overall.  


Daniel and Constance remain trapped in the other dimension while Mandy and Fergus try desperately to reassemble the shattered glass of the broken mirror.

In the other dimension a kindly lady reveals a succession of images and cryptically explains that the crown of St Louis can make a difference to the future.

After the mirror repairs itself with the help of Fergus; Constance returns to her own time and Daniel discovers the kindly lady is an older Constance before returning to his own time. Daniel must then decide whether to stay with his father or return to Sydney to live with his mother.

While in the attic in 1998, the children notice the mirror starting to vanish, they say their goodbyes before Constance returns home.

It's a race against time as Daniel, Fergus and Mandy struggle to locate the crown and find out why the mirror has chosen them.