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Crown is episode 4 of Mirror Mirror Series 2 and episode 24 overall.


The mirror continues to refuse anyone to travel through it while it is cracked. Lily now posses the crown in 1867. Meanwhile the mirror starts to repair itself. Lily travels into town and places the crown in the bank, while leaving Fergus hanging to the side of a cliff. Lily buys the de Lutrelle's property. Jenny and Doug hardly remember they have a son as Fergus begins to be erased from history. Daniel rescues Fergus while Constance tries to get the crown back from the banker. Back in 1997, Lily is on a shopping spree, buying as many clothes as she can. After spending $3512 dollars, the crown now back in de Lutrelle possession, Lily is left standing in the shop in nothing more than her underwear. Caroline decides to go back home, leaving Daniel behind.